We produced this slick, energetic animated film for Colliers London City Team.



Colliers London


February, 2018


Sam Ainsworth
Lali Pagès


Asked to create a highly watchable and engaging video that viewers would say things like "wow", and "oh jolly hell", and "these are pictures, but they're moving in an animated fashion! Somebody should copyright this word", we created this animation©.


Sam Ainsworth - director, producer
Lali Pagès - animator, co-director


Three things:



Animator Lali Pagès completed this continent-hopping between Europe (London & Barcelona), and South America (Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro).



It uses a form called "line art", which as you might guess, involves animating a line to follow a directed course. We directed this course, and we're really proud of where it went.



To create the line art 360 video, which involved three dimensional movement, animator Lali used a composited panoramic photo taken from a 360 model inside one of Colliers London's buildings, then converted the photo into an illustration.